Sommerkamp FRDX500

Our receiver when we were young… Still at home.

Sommerkamp FTDX505

I buy it in a Hamfest in November ‘s 2018 for just 50 euros. This poor transceiver was in very bad conditions. He was sleeping in a wet place during several years and inside is lot of dusty part…

I first clean it, change lot of resistors and caps. Realign it. Now the receiver part is OK. For the transmit part i get around 110w with new 6KD6. But i have a large problem in the mode switch because lot of bad contacts. I have now to undolder all the wires on this switch and to change it with a new one….

Some easy tools to restore it: (thanks Alain F1LAG, my brother)


click to view the assembled shematic

FTDX505 schematic in PDF

FTDX505 path Alim

FTDX505 RX path

FTDX505 TX path

An excel sheet very useful : F6HOY-FTDX 505 v2



 FTDX505 with the FRDX500 on top…

The bad and destroyed Mode Swicth…