I had the oportunity to buy 2 Atlas 350XL with Power supply and several cards…

Thanks F6AIC !

Atlas was one of my dreams… After some hours the RX part is OK and i very like the signal. Clean and clean…

I just give one unit to my brother as a gift…









Inside some troubles….

Bad solders, not all the screews, bad audio, low signal, some miscelaneous and a  Tantale burned near the PA.

>>>>> Atlas350XL

>>>>> Atlas_350XL_Chas




Problems with Tantalum capacitors.

In the transceiver we can found several tantalum capacitors. Some of them are burned and this is normal with the time. We have to change them.

The list:

And some good artices about Tantalum capacitors.

>>> C – Tantalum – DC leakage failure mode

>>> C – Tantalum Failures – Elektor 12 2014