Collins S-Line


I have two KWM2 and one with the rejection tuning.

The power supplies are PM2 and i use the nice 312B-4.







Transmiter 32S3

I have Two 32S3. The first from 1970 ( SN: 101491) and the second between 1970 and 1971 ?? (SN: 101782 and MCN 1716).

Power supply are 516F2 and PM2.


32S-3_SNumber and Year



Receiver 75S3-C

A great receiver !


Receiver 51S1



 Amplifier 30L1




Amplifier 30S1

Big brother with 4CX1000A


Tuning Collins 30S-1

Bring the amplifier on line and let it warm up until the HV lamp and HV will come on.

1. Start with the mic gain turned all the way down

  1. Select the band of interest on the 30S-1
  2. Preset the tuning control to the center of the band segment indicated on the lower (difficult to see) part of the dial disk below the logging scale
  3. Set the 30S-1 load control almost all the way to the left (CCW – low numbers)
  4. Place the multimeter switch in the Control Grid Position (Grid Current) & monitor closely during tuning
  5. Go back and forth between Grid Current and Screen Current.
  6. Allow no Grid Current – Ever
    b. Try to keep Screen Current under 10 mA –
    I usually see almost none.
  7. Select Lock Key with the driving rig (You can start with the Tune position, but this is not necessary if the driver is already tuned and you are careful).
  8. Increase the mic gain (carrier control) until you get some indication of 30S-1 plate current rise.
  9. Immediately dip the 30S-1 Plate Tuning.
  10. Increase the amp loading. The plate current should rise and then quickly redip the plate current. You should be seeing some power output.
  11. Repeat steps 8 thru 10 until you reach 350-400 mA of plate current dipped on the 30S-1.
  12. Reduce the drive to get 300-350 mA of plate current.
    Leave the Loading & Tuning where they were.
  13. Give the amp a break and let it cool taking the driver out of Lock Key.
    Leave the Mic Gain set where it is.
    Select the correct sideband on the driver.
  14. You should have seen over 6 dB of ALC indication on the driving rig meter with it set to ALC position. Now, in normal SSB operation, you should see about 6 dB (32S series) or S6 reading on the KWM-1/2 series on voice peaks.
    You should increase the mic gain slightly (only if you need to) to get these ALC readings.



Collins 30S-1 These are unofficial corrections for the 12th



Inside 30S1 when i get it…