Radio is a family virus with my father, Lucien and my brother, Alain F1LAG.
Probably because my father was a Radio operator in french army.
I remember so many things all around radio when i was young.


One day we get a famous BC342 receiver. It was near 1970.
The receiver was in our bedroom and a long wire was runing in the garden.
We still have this receiver.

Since this day Hamradio is a part of our life.





Our second receiver. A Heathkit HR10B. Better than the BC342 but not very good on 21 and 28Mhz.
We were at school and i got my first SWL call sign: FE2705.





New step with a beautifull FRDX500.
Equiped with 144Mhz we enjoyed to listen radio.
It was in 1973.
We still have this receiver.

Some toys in my QTH in Sète…