Telescopic mast

I was looking for a crank telescopic mast. I used to have a pneumatic mast but the crank is just as practical and allows you to do a little sport …

I live in a beautiful villa in the south of France and I did not want to install an important mast which could have disfigured the beautiful location. So it was a telescopic mast that I needed. The 11m mast in black anodized aluminum is perfect.
Not wanting, either, to put back a big beam. The choice therefore fell on a Cobweb that I have been using for many years.
When I do the radio I turn up the mast which is on the terrace of the radio shack. Everything is practical. This terrace is 6 meters from the ground and thus makes a good height for the antenna.
Everything arrived in good condition and the mast is simply attached to a small wall with two clamps. Basically I also bought the very practical foot support. A 110km wind did not disturb the mast which was in the low position.