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New companions in the shack. Hallicrafters SX111 Hallicrafters HT37 Hallicrafters HT40

Tempo One alive

Lot of works to restore this vintage Tempo-One transceiver… Sommerkamp Yaesu Trio

Telescopic mast

I was looking for a crank telescopic mast. I used to have a pneumatic mast but the crank is just as practical and allows you to do a little sport … I live in a beautiful villa in the south of France and I did not want to install an important mast which could have […]

October 2019

Nice ATLAS 350 XL !



April 2019

A nice receiver: LOWE HF225

SWAN 600R and 600T

January 2018

A new toy : The Bitx40,  small transceiver for 40m – LSB – 5w
Click for more info on this website

September 2018 My new Collins Corner: